Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute is a non-profit organization, founded in 1980. Our focus is to reduce the occurrence of disabling conditions in children using primary prevention methods. The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute believes that children of all abilities have the right to the best physical, social, and emotional health possible. We share evidence-based information through print and web-based resources. Education and training is available on all of our areas of focus including: child injury prevention, early childhood mental health, FASD prevention, maternal and infant health, parenting programs, and sexual and reproductive health. We collaborate to help communities work towards primary prevention of identified needs. Content experts and consumers of our information and training are involved to help us expand our programming. 


Hope for the Future: Having a Healthy Pregnancy While Living with HIV

Publication date: 2013
This video shares information about HIV, pregnancy, and parenting, with the goal of showing that healthy pregnancies and healthy babies are possible for pregnant women living with HIV in Saskatchewan. The knowledge and experiences of people living with HIV and those...