HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review 11(2/3) December 2006

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  • Canada’s 2003 renewed drug strategy — an evidence-based review
    Will they deliver treatment access?: WTO rules and Canada’s law on generic medicine exports
    The CDC’s routine HIV testing recommendation: legally, not so routine


  • Supervised injection facility granted time-limited extension
  • Federal prison guards call for power to test prisoners for HIV
  • Sex workers: report goes Beyond Decriminalization
  • Medical marijuana: CAS releases report, government cuts research funding

In brief

  • BCPWA files complaint against police disclosure of HIV status
  • Toronto: Cracking down on crack pipes
  • Conditional sentences to be abolished for some drug offences
  • Health services, including needle exchange, key issue for Correctional Investigator
  • CSC closes safer tattoo pilot sites
  • Sex worker group receives human rights award
  • Lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men to continue
  • Some AIDS 2006 delegates claim refugee status


  • Cameroon: UN group finds detention of gay men a violation of human rights Russian Federation: NGO law creates difficulties for human rights organizations
  • U.S. Government Accountability Office criticizes PEPFAR
  • India: Pressure increases on government to decriminalize homosexuality Developments in HIV/AIDS legislation

In brief

  • U.K.: HIV and human rights audit underway
  • U.S.: Evidence of HIV transmission in prisons
  • Europe & CEE: Prison needle exchange update
  • California: Governor vetoes prison condom bill
  • Jamaican activist receives human rights award
  • India: Proposal for mandatory testing of marriage couples withdrawn
  • France: Restrictions on residence visa for HIV-positive immigrants


  • B.C. court gives go-ahead to non-profit needle exchange and drop-in
  • Another prisoner dies of HIV in a CSC institution — medical parole not considered until too late
  • Federal Court orders re-determination of HIV-positive Zimbabwean’s refugee claim
  • HIV-positive gay Mexican’s Convention refugee claim denied
  • Criminal law and HIV transmission or exposure: 10 new cases

In brief

  • Supreme Court affirms that Ontario tribunal has power to consider Human Rights Code
  • Police officer loses negligence suit against Correctional Services Canada


  • South Africa: Court orders government to provide antiretrovirals to prisoners
  • U.S.: Sexual history must be disclosed in lawsuit for negligent HIV transmission, California Supreme Court rules
  • Switzerland: HIV-positive woman ordered to disclose names of sexual partners
  • U.S.: Courts rule anti-prostitution policy restriction on AIDS funding violates right to free speech
  • U.S.: HIV-positive prospective employee can sue Foreign Service for discrimination
  • U.K. Court rejects prisoner’s application for needle exchange

In brief

  • India: High Court of Andhra Pradesh upholds the right of HIV-positive person to employment in the police force
  • Hong Kong: Appeal Court affirms that law criminalizing buggery infringes rights of gay men
  • South Africa: Court overturns misconduct conviction of physician who denounced Minister’s inaction on HIV
  • South Africa: Herbal medicine proponent ordered to stop defaming treatment activists


  • Advancing rights for women: the role of litigation
  • Law reform and land rights for women in Tanzania
  • “Second on the needle”: human rights of women who use drugs
  • Routine HIV testing: three perspectives
    1. Opt-out routine testing: the case has not been made
    2. HIV Testing in the era of increased treatment access: a human rights perspective from Botswana
    3. The routine offer of HIV counselling and testing: a human right
  • HIV and the decriminalization of sex work in New Zealand
  • Providing legal aid to members of vulnerable minorities in Ukraine
  • Reflections on 25 years of AIDS
  • Controlling HIV among injecting drug users: the current status of harm reduction
  • Using human rights law to advocate for syringe exchange programs in European prisons
  • Drug addition treatment in Russia: no substitution therapy
  • Taking the fight to their realm: the role of patent oppositions in the struggle for access to medicines
  • Free trade negotiations can be harmful to your health
  • Vulnerable populations in Nepal face hostile environment
  • The Convention on the Rights of the Child in a world with HIV and AIDS
  • Removing requirement for self-disclosure of HIV status from Canada’s Application for a Temporary Resident Visa
  • Community attitudes towards rationing ARVs: a qualitative study of justice and equity

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