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Ontario Organizational Development Program

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OODP Emergency Continuity Planning Assessment Tool

Publication date: 2020
Emergency continuity planning is the overall process of creating systems of prevention, response and recovery to deal with potential threats and disruptions to service delivery at an organization. In addition to prevention, the goal is to enable ongoing service...

OODP Operational Plan Templates

Publication date: 2018
Please consult the Operational Plan Guide for further instruction on how to complete these Templates, that have been developed in Excel, making it easy for you to download, use and report back on to your Board and other stakeholders as needed.

OODP Operational Planning Guide

Publication date: 2018
This guide helps Boards and Executive Directors to prepare an annual operating plan that maps out the organization’s yearly objectives with proposed steps on how they will be accomplished, all in one document (see Operational Plan Templates). The operational plan...

OODP Risk Management Planning Toolkit

Publication date: 2017
This toolkit offers a systematic and thoughtful approach to help you to address the possible risks facing your organization.  It provides a brief description of what risk management planning is and why you need to do it, and offers tools to help you identify risks and...

OODP Staff Work Plan Guide

Publication date: 2016
This Guide is practical and easy to use.   It can help individual staff and staff teams to map out the steps, activities and timelines that align with their program goals and the organization's strategic directions and key priorities. This Guide ...

OODP Leading Change in ASO’s Resource

Publication date: 2015
Executive Directors are expected to both lead and manage organizational change initiatives, while also running day-to-day operations.  Trying to do it all can be over-whelming.  This resource provides a framework for understanding change and practical...

OODP Org-Self-Assessment Tool Process Summary

Publication date: 2015
This one page document provides a comprehensive overview of the steps and timelines involved in completing the OODP OSAT Process, with facilitation by an OODP Consultant.

OODP Strategic Planning Readiness Assessment Tool

Publication date: 2014
Do you have a current strategic plan for your organization?  Does it need to be renewed?  Use this checklist to help you determine if this is the right time for your organization to begin a strategic planning process.   It includes an overview of...