Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development

ICAD is a coalition of approximately 100 AIDS service organizations (ASOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), faith-based organizations, educational institutions and labour unions. It began in 1989 as a working group of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC) bringing together AIDS service organizations and international development organizations to address the HIV/AIDS crisis. ICAD helps Canadians contribute to international HIV/AIDS work and ensures that the lessons learned from the global response to HIV/AIDS are utilized by Canadian organizations to improve prevention, care, treatment and support work in Canada.

As the primary Canadian source of information on HIV/AIDS and development, ICAD enables Canada to become one of the most effective and influential nations in contributing to the global response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic. To date, it has achieved the following:

  • Provides leadership to Canadians for creating effective global and domestic policies and programs in response to HIV and AIDS;
  • Promotes communication between individuals, members, government departments and UN organizations to improve the effectiveness of Canadian responses to the pandemic;
  • Delivers skills and capacity building workshops/seminars on HIV and AIDS-related issues;
  • Interprets and compiles research findings related to HIV and AIDS and development to enable policy makers, organizational leaders and practitioners to access and use them;
  • Supports members in their public engagement activities to raise awareness about and engagement in HIV/AIDS and development;
  • Produces a quarterly newsletter on Canadian activities in AIDS and development;
  • Publishes easy-to-read fact sheets on topics related to AIDS and development



African, Caribbean and Black Canadian HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Poster

Publication date: 2015
This poster is part of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Black, African and Caribbean Network’s African, Caribbean and Black Canadian HIV/AIDS Awareness Day campaign. This version contains a white box where you can add a label with your organization or event information....

One Blood: Youth & HIV in the Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora in Canada

Publication date: 2011
Youth from the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora in Canada face many similar issues with respect to the risk of contracting HIV. This fact sheet highlights several key issues affecting both communities of young people. This fact sheet was developed as a companion...

HIV/AIDS and Indigenous Populations in Canada and Sub-Saharan Africa

Publication date: 2011
In both high-income and low- or middle-income countries, indigenous peoples face some of the heaviest burdens of ill health. In particular, indigenous populations face a higher vulnerability to HIV due to a range of factors including stigmatization, structural racism...
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